audio and video messages dramatically increase birth parent response  
audio and video helps draw attention to your website
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audio and video helps draw attention to your adoption website
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Videos and Audio Messages Dramatically Increase Birth Parent Responses!

Because the human voice has the power to influence and motivate,
encourage your website visitors by allowing them to learn more about you and what your family have to offer their child.

Learn How to Add Audio to Your Website & Emails
Click to listen:

(Make sure your computer speakers are on/up)


Five Reasons You Must Have Video or Audio on Your Adoption Website:

  • Speak to birth mothers visiting your site.

  • Build stronger relationships and trust.

  • Stay connected with your birth mother through videos and audios.

  • Enhance your image.

  • Put your profile ahead of other prospective families.

Q. What can audio do for my adoption?
A. It can make your family stand apart from the others because a birth mother can hear your message and your voice.

Q. How long can my video and audio message be?
A. To keep up with shorter attention spans, we recommend keeping your audio to one minute or less and video to two minutes or less.

Adoption Audio Tip of the Week
Click to listen:

Hearing is different than reading.
A simple message is all that is needed. It doesn’t have to be long to be effective
Birth mothers want to hear your voice.
And by adding video and audio clips to your website they can, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Other ways Audio and Video can aid your adoption:

Attach an audio message to your emails.
Let other know you are interested in adopting.
Add your message to your email signature

Use Social Media.
Increase your exposure to potential birth moms by uploading your adoption video to sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Outreach and networking are key!

Video and Audio Demands Attention
Use video and audio to add interest to your adoption website and emails.

Now you can greet birth parents to your site, share more about yourself,
encourage them to contact you, guide them through your adoption site page by page.

Video and Audio are the next best thing to being there with them!

We believe that by adding Video and Audio to your adoption web site
it will help you match with a birth mother sooner, EXPLAIN who you are
and what you have to offer a child in your family.

Plus it will CREATE a much more POSITIVE reaction
to your adoption profile and your web site. No matter what you have to offer a
birth parent or child, using Video and Audio will greatly increase your web site’s impact.
Best of all, Video and Audio works relentlessly day and night… even while you sleep!
Your video and audio will inspire and encourage birth parents to call and want to know more…

Get more birth parents responding to your page just by adding a video or an audio clip to your adoption site.

If you stick with what you've always done,
you get what you've always got.
Isn’t it time you try something that has proven it works?

You Can Do Something To Make Your Adoption Happen!

If you knew of a way you could quickly communicate
with birth mothers to your site and give them that one little push
that would get them to call or email you, would you want it?




video and audio for your adoption website