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Audio Message Now is my best-kept
adoption secret
to dramatically increase birth parent response!

adoption blissBecause the human voice has the power to influence and motivate, encourage visitors to your page to click your "Listen Now" button to learn more about you and what your family has to offer their child.

Audio Message Now is simple enough for a child to use.

Learn How to Add Audio to Your Website & Emails
Click to listen:

(Make sure your computer speakers are on/up)

Seen enough? Click here to order now and take the first step in taking control of your adoption and getting your message out using your own voice!

New! Adoption Audio Message for Adoptive Parents

Five Reasons You Must Have this on Your Adoption Website:
1. Speak to birth mothers visiting your site.
2. Build stronger relationships and trust.
3. Stay connected with your birth mother through audio emails.
4. Enhance your image.
5.Put your profile ahead of other prospective families.

Q. What can audio do for my adoption?
A. It can make your family stand apart from the others because a birth mother can hear your message and your voice.

Q. How long can my audio message be?
A. You can send long messages in your emails or on your adoption page, up to 30 minutes in length!

Q. How do I get support?
A. You’ll have unlimited support – just contact customer service.

Q. Does this work with any modem connection?
A. Yes. Anyone can listen to your message as long as they have speakers. It doesn’t slow down your or their server

Adoption Audio Tip of the Week.
Click to listen:

Hearing is different than reading.
A simple message is all that is needed. It doesn’t have to be long to be effective
Birth mothers want to hear your voice.
And they can, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Other ways Audio Message Now can aid your adoption:

Place an audio message to your emails.
Let other know you are interested in adopting.
Add your message to your email signature

Create audio postcards.
Put your text and audio together – send an email to your family and friends, colleauges, anyone that might want to help you.

Outreach and networking are key!

Audio Demands Attention
Use audio messages to add interest to your adoption website and emails.
Be one of the first families to use audio on their web site!

Now you can greet birth parents to your site, share more about yourself, encourage them to contact you, guide them through your adoption site page by page.

Audio Message Now is the next best thing to being there with them!

Remember how dry and lifeless silent movies were?
Most adoption websites are all the same motionless page after page.
Audio Message Now can help bring your site to life simply by adding audio.

This is not just adding music to your web site.
We believe that by adding Audio Message Now to your adoption web site it will help you match with a birth mother sooner, EXPLAIN who you are and what you have to offer a child in your family.

Plus it will CREATE a much more POSITIVE reaction to your adoption profile
and your web site. No matter what you have to offer a birth parent or child, using Audio Message Now will greatly increase your web site’s impact.

Now, you can add audio within a few minutes of downloading it.

Birth parents will HEAR
a personal 30 or 60-second message from YOU!

Best of all, Audio Message Now works relentlessly day and night… even while you sleep! Your audio message will inspire and encourage birth parents to call and want to know more …

This is the easiest way to get audio on your web site!
For just $1, you can begin to create an unlimited number of voice messages to post on an unlimited number of websites and place in an endless number of e-mails.

It comes with an amazing audio postcard feature.
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to see and hear an audio postcard we created just for you!

You create audio messages by calling an 800 number or by using a microphone on your computer. You can also upload your own MP3s to AudioGenerator's own servers for use as web audio.

After you have recorded your message over the telephone, you’ll receive a small snippet of HTML to paste in your web page which creates the audio buttons. When visitor to your site plays the message, they will be listening to audio located on AudioGenerator servers.

The service works flawlessly. This is a very user friendly type of web audio, plus it is backed by one of the best names on the internet.

This is how to quickly and easily put audio on your web site to boost response by as much as 300%!

This Website not only talks, but all the voice messages you’ll listen to were recorded by phone and took only a few seconds to upload.
And we can do the same for you too!
With one click, you’ll get 24-hour access to record an unlimited number of audio messages for all of your adoption needs… and instantly upload them to your Website or add them to your emails by simply cutting and pasting a single line of text!

Are you ready to try something new in pursuit of your adoption?


Get more birth parents responding to your page just by adding audio messages to your adoption site.

If you stick with what you've always done,
you get what you've always got.
Isn’t it time you try something that has proven it works?

Audio Message Now has the ability to impact your adoption more than anything else you can do today, and the best part is, it's so easy, you will be able to do it in a very short time!

You Can Do Something To Make Your Adoption Happen!

If you knew of a way you could quickly communicate with birth mothers to your site and give them that one little push that would get them to call or email you, would you want it?

Don’t let another visitor to your site leave without hearing your message
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